Hello I'm Leah and this is my 13 yr-old daughter Layla. We are pretty much the real life version of The Gilmore Girls (according to Layla's friends, ha!).  We live in Knoxville, TN with our Cavapoo puppy named Posey. 

     I'll try not to bore you by saying what every photographer on the planet says about photography being their "passion."  Instead, I'm hoping my work reveals where my heart is! 

     I love photographing the moments that make you not only happy to be alive but make you feel alive. I draw most of my inspiration from my clients. Carefully observing the way you interact with one another helps me paint a clear picture of who you are. I believe the best photos of you are in the moments you‘re unaware of the camera and your guard is down. These are the moments that reveal the essence of you and are the shots I live for.

Capturing life unfolding is one way that God continues to reveal to me my calling as an artist. I can’t say enough about how much joy my career brings me and I want to share that joy with you.  I’ve been fortunate enough to work with couples and families for over 10 years now, which allows me to capture the real you with confidence.  I’m Leah Bullard and I can't wait to take your picture.(-: